The therapists of the Los Angeles Therapy Institute are here to help you with deal with the challenges and struggles that life presents. We will actively listen and respond with truly helpful guidance as you navigate your way back to health and wholeness.

You may have specific events in your life that have knocked you off balance, such as a spouse’s infidelity or the death of someone who was very important to you. You may have specific behaviors that are interfering with your ability to live your life as you wish, like compulsions or use of addictive substances. All of these troubles can be successfully treated with psychotherapy.

Rather than having specific difficulties that you can pinpoint, you may feel that you are floundering in a sea of unhappiness with nothing to grab onto. You may feel that nothing will ever be right, and there is no hope of ever finding your way out. We can help you when you feel lost, even if you do not know why. We have the diagnostic experience to help you uncover the root causes of depression, anxiety and trauma and learn skills to manage these disorders and prevent them from controlling your life.

Perhaps your emotional distress is due to poor relationships with other people in your life. Your family members may treat each other with coldness or hostility or contempt. You may have difficulty making friends or maintaining intimate relationships. You may find yourself drifting away from your spouse of many years and wonder if the marriage can be renewed. All of these relationship issues are very amenable to psychotherapy. Relationships can be mended and behavior patterns between people can be changed to foster healthy communication and more satisfying interpersonal bonds.

Whether you know exactly why you are seeking therapy or if you are just deeply unhappy and want help, we are here for you.