Our Specialists at Los Angeles Therapy  Institute  go  beyond  the  diagnosis and symptoms  and instead focus on healing the whole  person.Our team  of therapists takes  an integrative approach to the treatment  of the concerns that may influence your  mental health.Common conditions  our  therapists treat are listed below:-

Anxiety  Disorder  such  as social anxiety ,phobia ,panic disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(OCD)


Bipolar Disorder (Manic Disorder )

Addiction  such as sexual addiction ,gambling,drug  or alcohol,shopping,etc.,


Family and Marriage Problems

Couples  Counseling

Pre and Post Divorce Counseling  for Parents and Children

Grief and loss counseling  (Group therapy and individual Therapy  Available )

Trauma  and Post Traumatic Stress  Disorder

Parenting  Coaching

Post break up Counseling

Whether  you’ve suffered from chronic conditions  for years  or have  just recently stumbled over some road blocks that’s  is affecting your mental  and psychological  health,your specialists at Los Angeles Therapy Institute will work  with you and guild you to find  solutions to those issues so you can feel better  and live happier.

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