Anxiety Treatment Los Angeles

Anxiety is one of the most common disorders that causes people to seek psychotherapy. While everyone feels anxious at times due to uncertainties or stressful life events, anxiety disorder is characterized by an almost constant sense of dread that does not arise from any particular source.

The symptoms of anxiety disorder include emotional states such as irritability, despair and difficulty concentrating. These feelings are overwhelming and can lead to physical manifestations including tremors, sleeplessness and a racing heartbeat.

Anxiety has a purpose in human lives. It evolved as a mechanism for identifying and avoiding negative or dangerous events. The problem in the modern world is that the things people fear are not so easily prepared for or avoided, so the anxiety may become generalized and chronic. Both heredity and environmental triggers seem to play a part in causing the expression of an anxiety disorder in any particular individual. Trauma from the past that has not been successfully resolved may also produce anxiety.

Anxiety is a component of many other psychological disorders, such as depression and PTSD, but it exists alone in the form of phobias, panic attacks and social anxiety. It can be treated quite successfully with psychotherapy.

People who seek therapy for anxiety may initially be unaware of the root of their feelings of apprehension. Within a short time they are often able to identify some of the contributing factors and begin to work with the therapist to resolve the underlying issues. Therapy often includes relaxation techniques such as meditation. It may also involve teaching practical skills like planning strategies, and may include family therapy if those relationships are contributing to the anxiety.

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