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Couples Therapy Los Angeles, CA

More than ever before, couples are questioning their stability and happiness in their relationships. With the ever-rising rate of divorce, couples are struggling to find the balance between freedom and belonging, love and dependency, exploration and commitment. Intimate relationships have changed dramatically in the past a few decades and couples are puzzled as to how to navigate these changes. Research studies have contributed to a new understanding of romanticism and they have shaped our understanding of the scientific foundations of relationships.

At Los Angeles Therapy Institute we offer research-based couples therapy to help you and your partner to come up with resolution to common problems, arguments and issues that modern couples face. Our licensed marriage and family therapists will work with you and your loved one to resolve common relationship problems associated with modern romance. Our experts will support you to live a happier and healthier life with your partner in a way that benefits you both. Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of couples from a variety of backgrounds and demographics, allowing us to personalize our approach to each individual couple.

We are located in the heart of Los Angeles near Santa Monica and will be more than happy to assist people in need of our services. We are aware of multi-cultural issues and problems affecting couples and can appropriately personalize your therapy and treatment plan according to your individual needs.

Why Choose Couple’s Therapy?

Today’s modern couples face many unique challenges that were unheard of in the past. Modern couples issues range from sexual compatibility to parenting. It is not incredibly common for couples to separate and for married partners to divorce because they are having a hard time resolving their issues on their own. When this happens, couples therapy is incredibly beneficial when done through qualified couples therapists. Our therapist will first identify the core issue that is threatening the relationship and then formulate a plan to overcome the challenges.

Most couples often start off with a deep love and commitment for each other, but that modern everyday problems can get in the way of essentially getting along with your partner. When these modern couples’ issues become a problem, this is when couples are more likely to get into perpetual arguments. Perpetual arguments can cause couples to get stuck in a gridlock. Your couple’s therapist can help you both to communicate more effectively and to break out of the gridlock.

We offer free phone consultations so that we can discuss your current problems with one of our couple therapists and see if we can be the right fit for you.

What Makes Us Different?

Our approach to couples therapy is derived from empirical research findings that address modern couples issues rather than mainstream opinion. The issues that modern couples face is no longer limited to communication only. Needs and wants of the couples have shifted dramatically within the past a few decades. Our licensed practitioners utilize a research-based methods developed by Gottman Institute and other prominent relationship researchers to support our clients in their path to a happier and healthier relationship. What truly sets Los Angeles Therapy Institutes relationship counselors apart is our through understanding of the issues that impact relationship dynamics such as:

  1. Cultural diversity among partners
  2. Psychological and mental health of each partner
  3. Personal growth discrepancies between partners
  4. Attention to problems that are unsolvable without obsessing about changing the other person
  5. Increasing the positivity ratio
  6. Negotiating the gender roles in heterosexual and homosexual relationships
  7. Romance and sex
  8. Negotiating sexual desires and sexual fluidity
  9. Infidelity and its implications

Because finding the right fit between you and your therapist is so important, we offer a 15 minute complementary consultation to determine what problem you are facing and if our therapists are the right fit for you. You can also fill out a confidential form online to schedule an appointment or just give our office a call. In order to accommodate your busy schedules we offer evening and weekend hours and are available when it is most convenient for you.

Why Choose Us?

Doctoral level clinicians –
All of our couple’s therapists are licensed practitioners who specialize in couple’s mental health. Even though each therapist is unique in their approach and their personality, you can be sure that each therapist has the highest level of training, knowledge and experience to offer you. Our therapists have advanced training in the most effective method and tool for creating change in your relationship.

Research based approach

At Los Angeles Therapy Institute, our trained and licensed therapists and marriage counselors are able to truly listen and strategize a research-based treatment approach. The ultimate goal is to create a thriving and healthy relationship dynamic in which the partners feel fully understood and content. The goal is not to solve all issues and magically make a relationship perfect rather to learn to live with each other’s flaws and imperfections. We want couples to walk away feeling relieved while understanding each other more comprehensively.

Affordable Couples Therapy

We understand that therapy can be expensive, so in order to reach couples who may not be able to afford the full fee but would benefit from our services, we offer sliding scale couples therapy, which means we can offer lower fees based on your financial situation. Your relationship health is vital and we hope that by providing affordable sliding scale couples therapy, we would encourage you to reach out to our couple’s therapists.

Culturally Diversity

Our culturally diverse clinicians have worked with hundreds of couples from diverse cultural backgrounds and demographics such as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual and sexually fluid couples. We work on both a short-term and long-term basis, allowing you to get quick help for a problem now or continue to work on healing and building a relationship down the road.

Convenient location and hours

We offer evening, early morning and weekend hours to fit your schedule. We also offer online session for couples who travel and who are outside of the Los Angeles area. Our offices are designed to be your sanctuary away from stress and a safe place for restoration and healing. Our multiple office locations are in beautiful neighborhood near coffee shops and restaurants where you and your partner can rest and recharge before and after your session.

What We Can Support you with

Our licensed marriage counselors are well versed in common relationship issues that modern couples face. We have worked with hundreds of local Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles couples over the past several years. Some of the more common issues that we see on a regular basis and have supported our clients with include:

  • Communication Issues
    It is not uncommon for couples to have communication issues. This is often difficult to handle on your own because in the heat of the moment staying calm and communicating feelings and emotions are very difficult and the traditional communication strategies used by marriage counselors may not be effective. Out couple’s therapists are trained in teaching you effective strategies to express your needs.
  • Infidelity/Affairs
    Another one of the most common modern couples issues is infidelity and affairs that have happened within the relationship. Oftentimes, helpful therapy with a trained marriage psychologist is crucial in repairing the damage that has been done and regaining the trust. We can work with you when dealing with affair-type problems and will work in a neutral and non-judgmental way.
  • In-Laws
    Many times, couples will find that arguments and problems arise when in-laws are involved. Whether you are currently living with in-laws, deal with them regularly or have major problems being around them, we are trained to help overcome these problems and get everything on neutral ground.
  • Money and Finances
    Money and financial issues are one of the most common problems that couples deal with regularly. From paying bills to taking out credit cards and being in debt, financial-related arguments often never end well and can cause a rift in the relationship. Our trained therapists can help with money and finance-related issues so that you are both happy together and more financially well-off.
  • Conflict
    Another one of the most common modern couples issues is conflict. Conflict can occur at any time but generally comes as a result of stress, exhaustion and a difficulty with communicating. Conflict can become violent and may result in emotional or even physical altercation. We can help with all types of conflict that can occur between couples.
  • Parenting
    We totally understand that when children come into the picture, many couples find that they just do not have the time or energy to spend with each other. This can cause rifts within the relationship and present itself in communication problems and conflict. Our couples therapy approach helps to regain control over a couple’s relationship despite children being in the picture. This results in a healthier and more wholesome marriage.
  • Intimacy Issues
    While it may be difficult and even embarrassing to talk about, keep in mind that our licensed therapists are trained and accustomed to dealing with couples experiencing intimacy issues. We will work with both partners to ensure that they are able to rekindle the flames that they once had and rejoin the bond that they might have lost.
  • Extended Family and Cultural Issues
    Many modern couples issues revolve around cultural problems, disagreements and extended family. This can often result in fighting, arguments and conflict that is difficult to handle on your own as a couple. We are trained to handle a wide range of cultural issues and problems that might arise within your relationship.
  • Physical and Verbal Abuse
    Couples therapy can help with physical and verbal abuse that might be happening withing your relationship. We will help both parties involved and will encourage healthy methods to be with one another and prevent abuse from becoming a problem.
  • Time Management
    Having the time to spend with your partner can be difficult in this day and age, especially when many couples work. Because of this, our therapists can work with you to come up with a routine, schedule and time management plan that will specifically help you to spend more time with your loved one so that you can bond with them in a way that you thought was impossible due to conflicting schedules.
  • Priorities
    Making your marriage or relationship a priority may seem like another modern couples issues, however, being able to make your relationship a priority is crucial in preventing bigger problems from happening and for you to truly enjoy being with your loved one in a way that benefits everyone involved.

When to Reach Out for Help

Throughout human history, relationships has been impacted by the advancement of science, technology and economics particularly in the past recent decades. Acknowledging the impact of theses changes and normalizing the challenges that couples feel as a result of these changes is imperative in creating a healthy dynamic.

You may be wondering when you should reach out for couples therapy. If you feel that your marriage or relationship is beginning to feel strained or if you’re having problems with communicating your needs to your partner, time management or parenting, we are more than happy to support you in a way that is both convenient and highly beneficial.

What to do next :

First, you can contact us for a free 15 minute consultation. We offer this free consultation to any and all Los Angeles residents. The consultation does two different things: it allows us to get to know you and your current issues and it allows you to get to know the therapist who will be working with you.

After the consultation, we will work with you to schedule an appointment at your own convenience at one of our convenient locations throughout Los Angeles. Our extended hours make it easier than ever for you to find the time to work with your therapist.

Take the First Step to a Healthier and Happier Relationship

If you are dealing with any problem or situation regarding your relationship, be sure to contact us at Los Angeles Therapy Institute. We offer a free consultation to all Los Angeles residents which will help you to get to know us and our approach before making an appointment. We want you and your partner to be healthy, happy and fulfilled in a way that is beneficial to the both of you.