Relationship Issues

Problems That Affect Couples

Co-dependency is a problem that occurs in the lives of many couples. It is often something that is hard to spot because it becomes such a normal part of their lives. In essence, couples who are co-dependent have become reliant on each other for a sense of normality and stability, even if they no longer enjoy each other or want to break out of a relationship.

Couples often develop this problem if they have gone through a lot of difficult times together and need something that feels stable and normal. Even if their relationship has become toxic on many levels, they stay together. People in this situation often say things like “we’ve been through a lot together” or “I cannot imagine my life without him/her.”

In this scenario, people with co-dependency often go through cycles of breakups, reconciliation, and may even get married and have children together. Unfortunately, they may either become extremely jealous of each other or cheat on each other. This situation makes it difficult for them to find a happy balance in their relationship and their life. Couples therapy is often necessary for the relationship’s well being.

Co-Occurring Disorders May Influence Co-Dependency

Co-dependency doesn’t just emerge out of thin air. It usually develops when one or more partners in a relationship have other types of mental health problems, such as anxiety or depression. These issues are known as co-occurring disorders, and they can create a tough cycle for many relationships.

That’s because these diseases often influence each other in ways that only strengthens their bond. For example, your anxiety may cause you to increase your co-dependency behaviors. And those behaviors just make you more anxious because you are stuck in an unhappy relationship. Thankfully, couples therapy can help you break out of this situation and regain a life that is happy and healthy.

How Couples Therapy Helps

Couples therapy is one of the best ways to break through the cycle of co-dependency. Couples often go through this type of treatment to learn how to overcome the emotional barriers and to create stronger bonds that will strengthens the relationship. Through the process if couples therapy, individuals realize their own shortcomings in the relationship and learn to either work with one another’s personality.

Couples therapy works by bringing you and your partner together in the objective environment with one of our counselors. These specialists will identify the pattern of the problems that are occurring in your relationship and find effective ways of managing them. For example, they can pinpoint where your co-dependency happened, any co-occurring disorders that feed it, and help you to resolve them quickly and efficiently.

The idea behind couples therapy in Los Angeles or Santa Monica is to help you and your partner learn how to have emotional lives that are independent of each other. This fact doesn’t mean that you are necessarily going to break up. Instead, it means that you can find some comfort outside of each other and positive things to do that don’t involve the other person.

Couples therapy will give you the insight you need to make different decisions. You have to be prepared to learn how to separate your emotional life from your partner and think and feel independently. The process of couples therapy start with looking at the pattern of dependency and the impact of that on individuals. After these patterns are worked through, couples therapist will teach you to think/feel independent of your partner. The last step is to work through a process called interdependency, which is the healthiest pattern of relationship. Interdependency means getting close to your partner emotionally while maintaining your own individuality.

Deciding When Couples Therapy is a Good Fit for You

If you believe you are in a co-dependent relationship or have other problems that are affecting your romantic life, it is important to consider couples therapy. While it isn’t always a right fit for every scenario, many people experience significant benefits when going through with it. You should get couples therapy if you are:

  • Unhappy in a relationship
  • Staying with a person to avoid loneliness
  • Struggling to stay enthusiastic about your partner
  • Confused about why you are with somebody
  • Attracted to other people and struggling with the urge to cheat
  • Currently cheating on your partner
  • Having sexual or intimacy problems

All of these scenarios are unhealthy and shouldn’t be tolerated. Life is too short for you to suffer from this kind of relationship.

Get the Help That You Deserve

If you live in the Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, or Los Angeles area and are in a co-dependent/unhealthy relationship, you should seriously consider getting couples therapy. This treatment method will be designed for your unique needs and provide a healing environment for you and your partner.

So don’t hesitate to contact us today if you think that couples therapy is what you need to recover. Our couples therapists specialize in treating co-dependency and other relationship problems in Santa Monica and Los Angeles. Let us help you regain that lost love and bring you closer together as people while breaking the bonds of co-dependency.